Welcome To Spotify Life By David Thrift

Here on this website is where I post my daily (daily meaning on the days I’m listening) Spotify music journey – what I’m listening to, what I’m discovering, and what I like listening to the most.

You can view this journey on my blog in my daily music blog posts.

Maybe you might find some new music you’ll like listening to through my journey.

Thanks for visiting.

Future Plans For This Site:

I need to make a logo and do some site building to add some things, but for now, this site is serving the one main purpose I created it for.

Something extra I have planned in the future for this website is to publish a ebook featuring music covers (albums, singles, and tracklists) of my favorite music posted here. It is intended to be a music photo art project designed to highlight music album art, more so than the songs and tunes associated with them (maybe).

Also at some point, I may build some fan pages for some of my favorite music artists, but that’s a lot of work… we’ll see.

Spotify Daily Music Listings

Below is a listing of all of the daily listings I have posted. This list automatically updates each day that I make a new blog post to list what I’m listening to on Spotify.

On Discogs

Just some random artist / band links on Discogs placed here until I can properly place them somewhere else as time permits.

Eighth Wonder – [link] – 2020-10-24-SAT-01:42-CST

On My Download List

The following are some sites I’ve discovered where music can be downloaded for free. The focus for these links is on EDM & Dance / Remixes. These links will not be made permanent on this page. This section is temporary until I get around to making a proper place on this website for it.

8tracks – added to list on 2020-11-08-SUN-03:36-CST

DJ Brab – added to list on 2020-10-08-THU-07:55-CST

FutureRecords Future Mixes – added to list on 2020-10-08-THU-07:36-CST

Hybridized – added to list on 2020-11-02-MON-21:06-CST

Mashstix – added to list on 2020-10-08-THU-08:01-CST

Minimal Techno Injection – added to list on 2020-10-26-MON-17:11-CST